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Everyone wants to make large amount of money. You can get money as a salary. People make investments to have a secure future. You can make your money work for you. When we save our money in bank, you get an interest for the amount even if you do nothing with the money. Similarly, in stock markets, your investments are rewarded mostly. You also get losses sometimes. Financial planning is necessary for everyone. You need plans for your child’s future, their studies, your retirement life, etc.

Everyone thinks of investing money in some scheme, but you should be careful in analysing the schemes before making your investment. Not everyone is good in handling money, so you can take the help of a financial advisor in that case. They would help you in investments and also help to plan your goals on mypaymentsavvy . It is expected that the need for financial advisors will increase by 30% by 2024. They help in saving your tax, planning your investments in various schemes which will help you to have a better future. A financial advisor should be patient, should have a firm resolve and also a problem solving skills. All these are important. They also should be fast in making decisions. Anyone can become a financial advisor after doing a certified course. But you should need all these qualities to excel.

Some banks also employ financial advisors who would meet the customers and explain the new schemes that are introduced by the banks. They help the customers to make a decision by explaining the key features. A financial advisor should take into account the customer’s needs before recommending a plan. Also the customers should not blindly follow what your financial advisor says. You should analyse many plans and choose one that would satisfy your future plans and needs. A person cannot learn to save money just by spending it. You don’t get better with money as you age. You should be a good judge of things and carefully analyse various things before making an investment or spending money on something.

Nowadays people are interested in starting a new business as banks and government encourage people to do it.  There are many start-up companies with new ideas. Not everyone can have funds for it. There are many schemes in the banks and government also helps those in need of investments. But the process involved is slow. They don’t get the funds when they need it. So, many people sought after alternate source of money other than banks.One of the methods for alternate funding is to get money from the relatives and friends. In this case, there will be no interest     mostly. But this can be used in case of small businesses where the investment amount is lesser. This can be done when you have a low cast base and an early revenue stream. When you get profits early, you can use that to grow your business.

This cannot be followed when you need large amount of money to establish and grow your business. In that case you need some investor who can invest the money you need. There are many alternate methods of funding other than the banks. You should find them. Also, you should be careful on whom to trust with the investment. One main advantage in this is you get your money whenever you need it without many formalities. In case of banks, there are a lot of procedures to get loans and you don’t get money whenever you ask for it. Also the investors give you ideas from their former projects, which would be more helpful.

There are places of exhibitions and other events where the business people can meet their investors and explain their product and get money. There are many peer-to-peer investors who can get through the paperwork and get money into your account in no time. Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending are private investors or businesses with borrowers who are either business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) companies. The main draw for borrowers is the speed at which they can access funds. This cannot be done at banks, where you have lot of paper work to complete before getting an approval for your loan.

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